About the Den

Tranquility Den is a spa for massage, relaxation & healing.
    Every element has been thoughtfully designed with your enjoyment in mind. What makes us distinct is our "lavishly zen" ambiance and our commitment to providing you with an exceptional experience.

Your safety and comfort is our top priority!
We now offer outdoor massages in our new open-air, private rooms for individuals, couples and spa parties!
Our indoor massage rooms have HEPA filters with UV light that continuously clean the air.  You can review our other COVID protocols on our Contact page (see Helpful Links).

We offer three types of massage: Full Body massage, Den massage and Chair massage.
Experience the Den massage in one of our unique & whimsical rooms with plush recliners.  It is focused on the lower legs and feet and doesn't require disrobing. The Den massage is a great option for groups! 
All of our Full Body Massages can be a couples experience.
We encourage you to customize your massage so that it's just the way you like it!  

Let us create the perfect relaxation experience for you.
Tranquility Den caters to all the different ways people like to unwind - whether you need a quiet escape, a get-together with friends, a romantic date night or a fun group celebration -  we invite you to come to the Den to
calm your mind, heal your body, awaken your senses and elevate your spirit.

The Ambiance

Our distinctive rooms unite NATURE + NURTURE for an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary and bestows tranquility upon your mind, body & soul.
Select a Den for a private or semi-private "Den Massage" in a big, comfy recliner. Select a Cabin or Cabana for a full body massage in a private room.
Zen Mountain den

A cozy tent with a plush loveseat for two, amid a peaceful fading mountainscape. Soft-glowing Himalayan salt rocks purify the air and cleanse your spirit. Sit back and surrender to the grounding elements of the earth.

This space is for the Den Massage experience for 1 to 8 people.
It can be reserved for spa parties and other private events.

Serene Submersion den

Sink into a sumptuous lounger nestled in a whimsical underwater cocoon. Listen to the calming sound of flowing water and let it wash away all that no longer serves you. Float into a deep state of relaxation.

This space is for the Den Massage experience for 1 to 14 people.
It can be reserved for spa parties and other private events.

Inner Sanctum cabins

A heavenly hideaway with a warm bed under the evening sky. A secluded sanctuary deep in the woods amongst the towering trees. An underwater refuge with a blissful buddha to guide you to inner peace and harmony.

Our interior cabins are designed to help you escape the stress of everyday life, calm the mind, and reconnect with your sense of self.

These private rooms are for full body massage for individuals and couples.

Outdoor Oasis cabanas

The fresh air, the rustle of leaves as the wind softly blows, the sounds of birds chirping. Become one with nature and feel your soul take root and blossom. Allow yourself to unwind and let your cares vanish into the open air.

These private outdoor rooms are for full body or Den massage for individuals, couples and spa parties. *Outdoor massage is not offered in the Winter

The Experience

Personalize Your Massage
so it's just the way you like it...




Focus Areas


Essential Oils

Special add-ons

Enhance Your Massage
to make it extra special for you...


CBD oil

Moisturizing treatment

Dry brushing

Cooling eye mask

Body scrub

Specialty foot soaks

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